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For Policy Makers

A deeper understanding of gender helps youbetter serve your constituents.

Diverse constituencies. Rapidly evolving understandings of gender. Little room for mistakes. You have a difficult job, but we’re not telling you anything new.

Whether gender is the focus of work you’re doing or ancillary to it, you’ll benefit from gaining a better understanding of how gender is seen and understood today.

There are tremendous gaps in policy and legislation related to gender as it is broadly understood today. Effectively addressing these gaps is essential to achieving equity and equality. The impact of your leadership on gender will bring increased opportunities; it also has the possibility to transform people and communities and liberate the creativity and innovative thinking needed to address our greatest challenges.

How Reimagine Gender Can Help

We can help you create a new gender-related policy, adapt existing policies to address non-binary and other gender identities, or serve as a thought partner and a second set of eyes to help identify potential issues in proposed policy or legislation. Whether you’re looking at issues related to health, employment, or economic equity, public safety and well-being, or addressing disparities that persist in areas such as education and criminal justice, Reimagine Gender is your guide in navigating gender and ensuring your work has relevance today – and tomorrow.  

Reach Out Whenever You’re Ready to Talk

Reimagine Gender brings unparalleled professionalism, warmth, authenticity and knowledge to conversations about gender. The Reimagine Gender team knew how to relate to our audience and make everyone feel comfortable. The training curated for our team was extremely well received and provided excellent guidance for our staff."