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Our Story

We have decades of experience helping organizations, families and communities reimagine gender.

Reimagine Gender began with the work being done at our sibling organization, Gender Spectrum, which was founded by Stephanie Brill in 2006 with a focus on gender-diverse kids and their families in the United States. As awareness of gender grew, the organization received requests to provide education and training about gender in areas beyond Gender Spectrum’s mission. Meanwhile, we realized the need to work with those who most directly shape how gender is seen and understood, particularly corporations, NGOs, legislators and policy makers.

With critical financial support from individual funders, the organization’s board decided to launch Reimagine Gender to address these new areas of work. Lisa Kenney, the former Executive Director of Gender Spectrum, took the helm as CEO of the new organization. Lisa’s corporate and nonprofit leadership experience brings a valuable understanding of the challenges and opportunities our partners have in addressing gender to meet their objectives. We’re thrilled to use our experience to expand our work in these ways.

Lisa Kenney

Lisa Kenney is the CEO of Reimagine Gender and the former executive director of Gender Spectrum. Leveraging decades of corporate leadership experience, Lisa has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 and other brands to help them understand gender and implement changes across the organization.

Lisa is a frequent speaker at conferences, including SXSW, the 3% Conference, Institute For The Future, Techonomy, Sustainable Brands and The Shared Value Leadership Summit. In addition to co-writing "The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Teens", Lisa has authored several articles on gender, including the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Quartz at Work, and Fortune.

Lisa KenneyCEO

What People Are Saying

Working with Reimagine Gender will push you to completely rethink the way you understand gender and open your eyes to what's going on in today's world. The team made us feel SO comfortable speaking up and encouraged us to want to learn more. Gender was always one of the diversity issues that we talked about, but didn't really understand — now, after working with Reimagine Gender, we have tangible, actionable next steps to help the organizations we work with meaningfully address gender inclusivity."

The Reimagine Gender training was great; the trainer made the event feel comfortable and provided the information in a way that helped me understand the complexity of the topic."

I enjoyed that there wasn't any judgement with the Reimagine Gender training. If you didn't know the correct term to use, it was OK. It felt like a safe environment and I really liked that."

The Reimagine Gender training was eye-opening."

There's so much to learn when it comes to gender. The Reimagine Gender training made me feel so much more comfortable having a discussion about it."

I have a long way to go, but by being better informed I'm able to have a deeper level of understanding — and I have to admit, more acceptance."

Reimagine Gender brings unparalleled professionalism, warmth, authenticity and knowledge to conversations about gender. The Reimagine Gender team knew how to relate to our audience and make everyone feel comfortable. The training curated for our team was extremely well received and provided excellent guidance for our staff."