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Perceptions of gender are changing — fast.Is your company ready?

Whether you hope to attract new talent, better serve your customers or constituents, unlock innovation, increase your bottom line, or achieve fundraising goals, a strong understanding of gender is a must for organizations today.

How Reimagine Gender Can Help

Reimagine Gender offers services designed to educate companies and other organizations about gender and empower leaders to apply a gender lens across the organization. We offer trainings for leaders and practitioners, custom workshops, assessments, consulting, educational content and more. Our tools, programming and guidance help your organization reimagine gender — so you can thrive far into the future.

Today, addressing new perceptions and realities around gender isn’t simply about creating inclusive policies, changing internal information systems, or including pronouns in email signatures. It’s about understanding how gender is approached across the entire company — from market research to customer experience to the products you sell. Organizations that respond to this change may start to recognize the much bigger business opportunity in front of them: a chance to create products and experiences for a growing body of consumers and employees that no longer buy into traditional conceptions of gender and the stereotypical, binary classifications attached to it.”

Lisa KenneyHarvard Business Review

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Understanding Gender

Gender is a word you’ve probably heard a thousand times, and discussions about gender are everywhere.

But if you’re like most people, you may not have thought much about it, and what you’ve read and heard may have left you more bewildered than when you started. We’re here to help.

Gender and Your Business

Gender intersects with every aspect of the organization, from HR to product development to marketing. Explore these questions to see how gender comes into play at your organization, and how you might consider evolving your approach.


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